My # 3 Son (The sweetest pea)

Sweetest Pea

Time Flies…

     He is getting all of his things packed and …

Where has the time gone?  It seems like yesterday when I was trying to figure out if I could possibly be pregnant.  How could this happen? (I only know of one way but …) We already had 2 children, one was severely disabled and this wasn’t planned.  Decisions weren’t easy but we decided (or rather I decided) that I was going against all rational thought and having our third child. That was yesterday (or so it seemed) and today he is driving himself three hundred miles away to college.  He has been dubbed (by the entire family) as my sweet baby boy. ….and that’s exactly what he is.

The first five years was difficult, pushing a carriage and a wheelchair but things changed and soon he was pushing the wheelchair and catering to his older brother’s every need.  So strange that at the age of two, I was talking about saving bail money for this boy because I had just caught him killing his goldfish and I remember thinking that he might have a problem.  Today he is an avid fisherman and studying environmental science.  Whew….that was scary.   My boys all turned out to be good kids. I am so proud of each one of them. The oldest is a teacher at a local grammar school and my middle boy works at CUNY.  I used to attribute this to luck but I have changed my mind.  It was good old fashion parenting.  We also surrounded our boys with great role models and a lot of activity.  Boy Scouts, Rotary and sports.  My husband and I both worked (too much but…). Sometimes we gave them too much and sometimes we didn’t have anything to give them but we always gave of ourselves.  My husband gave so much of himself and I think that is the key.  He just loves his boys. His role model?  His dad.  Sure we all made mistakes, but we moved on and learned (well not all the time).  We laughed a lot…at ourselves mostly.

Chris (sweet baby boy) has given us so much to be proud of in his life.  He works hard at school and hard at work.  Everyone he meets is in awe of his good hearted nature and honest being. His brothers boast about him to friends and his friends boast about him to their families.  He is such a gift to us and I am so grateful that I made the decision that I made.  It certainly took a lot of sacrifice but at the end of the day…it was worth it.  They say it takes a village but in this case it took more than a village.

He just pulled away from the curb and I can’t seem to control all of my emotions….except one….J am so proud.


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